Monthly Archives: December 2013

I witnessed today something that should inspire anyone working in the design of something, no matter what that is. An elder was sitting in a coffee shop and produced a smart phone from her purse to show to another person how to use Whatsapp.  She then proceeded unlocking the other person phone, a different model, to show there was also the same application installed.

From a design standpoint this can mean only one thing: the user mental model is fully reflected in the final product in every aspect. The touchscreen paradigm, the clear, simple and single goal of an application made this possible. Remove any of these from the equation and you are back to an unusable geeks’ only toy that won’t impress any grandma.

This is the spirit in which iotp2p was born, anyone regardless of education, technical inclination and expertise should be able to control his home heating system or trigger his greenhouse watering system from anywhere in the world or what else if they wish to do so.




Brainstorming in the nature


This weekend I went to a cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Lapland, and spent some time there enjoying the fireplace and brainstorming ideas for iotp2p. Some new stuff for the trackers and especially the authentication came out. Message validation is now changed to use an HMAC, as I feared simply chaining the secret key with the message and then hashing has its weak points, HMAC does a much better job so it’s the way to go.

A general rule I have learned is that when it comes to security you should avoid rolling your own, even when it seems that what you do is perfectly safe.


All in all I think it was a good weekend, connection was practically non existent but I could work locally and relax reading in front of fire. Updated docs in github soon.