The first release of msgp2p is ready to roll out and, with this, all building blocks of iotp2p are ready. This means I can soon concentrate on purely iotp2p issues.

msgp2p in its current form is not much more than a mock-up but it servers the purpose and allows to define the interfaces and test. msgp2p has a simple mission allow to exchange messages between two entities just knowing a globally unique long ID, no central servers, no firewall configurations no IPs nothing else than the address.

The closest existing solution is Bit Torrent Sync, which allows two or more folders to synchronize just by assigning an arbitrary long unique ID to each. msgp2p leverages on this at the moment to exchange messages encapsulating them in files that are then synchronized. The solution though is meat for files synchronization and not real time messaging so lag is an issue.

I decided to have a first beta of msgp2p in this way anyway so that the interfaces with the rest of the iotp2p system could be defined and development in other areas continued.

msgp2p is available in github and you can find in the readme information on how to use it. 


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