Q: What is iotp2p ?
iotp2p is an open source project that builds the software and the hardware needed to build a truly decentralized communication infrastructure for connected appliances.
I don’t understand.
Right, we are building a network that will allow your phone to speak with sensors in your home, or a web page to interact with your lights. We want to do it in an open way so that any device will be controllable by any other system, no proprietary stuff in the middle.

Q: Why open ?
Because we don’t want you to have one website to check the pressure of your car tyres, one to check your electricity consumption and a couple of other phone apps to switch on the lights in your house. We don’t want you to ínvest in hardware that operates only thanks to a proprietary central server because that means if that server is discontinued your hardware becomes worthless.

Q: Where can I buy iotp2p ?
You can’t! But you can help to build it. If you have hardware, software or telecommunication experience and want to contribute to an open source project we might need you. One day, when the hardware composing iotp2p will be in production we might sell that, or just let some distributor do it. Of course since everything is open source by that time there will be hopefully many companies producing the hardware.


Q: What tools do you use ?
We use git for version control and we push regular snapshots to GitHub for the benefit of anyone insterested. At the moment we have prototypes of various network elements in Python and some Arduino and Raspberry Pi based hardware. We are at the very first stages of the project so tools and languages are still very open (no pun intended).

Q: Can I see your source code ?
Sure, it wouldn’t be an open source project otherwise! You can clone us in GitHub ( https://github.com/nicolacimmino/iotp2p ).


If we got you interested and you have any suggestions or you think you could contribute to shape the future of the Internet of Things you can contact us at our general enquiry mail:
info (at) iotp2p.net
or our founder:
nicola (at) nicolacimmino.com


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